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Born in the modest, multi-cultural city of Leicester, Idle Torque was founded in 2016 by local lad, Jack Guttridge.

Uninspired by the run of the mill clothing on offer in the conventional motorcycle shops in the Midlands, Jack decided to go about setting up his own shop, which would specialise in selling premium protective, yet casually styled, motorcycle clothing which seemed to be only available online or in shops in and around London. From the start It was very important to distance Idle Torque from the status quo and bring a new energy and style to the way people shop for their motorcycle goods.

Idle Torque also works with local clothing manufacturers to produce quality lifestyle garments such as socks, jumpers, hats and scarves as well as handmade leather goods and artwork.

If you find yourself immersed in the classic or custom motorcycle culture, we can kit you out in the right clothing that not only keeps you safe but allows you to effortlessly go from bike to street in style and in comfort. Idle Torque isn't just about selling premium Motorcycle gear. Socialising and meeting new people is equally as important and was the main driver in the creation of this little independent shop.

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