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Sideburn Magazine #55



Sideburn 55 celebrates greatness. Greatest is subjective, greatness less so. But it's our magazines and we make the rules around here, so if we say a Dutch film only ten people have ever seen is the greatest, then it is.

+ Exclusive interview with 9-time champ Jared Mees

+ another exclusive with super-tuner Kenny Tolbert with the back story on the Indian FTR750

+ Sammy Halbert vs Henry Wiles rivalry

+ Cory Texter chooses the best ever flat track leathers

+ Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kenny Roberts' first GNC title

+ The Greatest: Event poster; Workshop; Day; Beer; Book; Racer helmet; Race photo; Crash; Moto punk band; Pre-season photo; Bleak gang warfare film masquerading as a kid's teatime cartoon; Magazine; Name; Dirt track

COVER: Oliver Brindley

BIKES: Indian FTR750; Mule Yamaha XS650; Indian FTR 'Tokyo Connection'

PEOPLE: Jared Mees; Kenny Tolbert; Erik Gundersen; Randy Skiver; Kenny Roberts; Gary Kinzler; Rolands Sands; Gary Kinzler

PAGES: 108





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